About Bong Pheak

Bong Pheak is an Employment Service that helps employers and potential workers to get in touch with each other. Bong Pheak is specially designed for the construction, manufacturing, hospitality and security sectors, covering both low-skilled and unskilled workers. For workers, Bong Pheak:
  • Provides information about possible jobs that they (or their friends and family) might be interested in.
  • Allows them to apply for jobs posted by companies, communicating to the companies the contact information of the applicant.
  • Allows them to refer jobs they see in Bong Pheak to friends and family who might be interested.
For companies in the above mentioned sectors, Bong Pheak:
  • Allows them to post their job announcements quickly at no cost to the company.
  • Provides contact information of workers who are interested in their job announcements.
  • Allows them to search the applications of workers registered in Bong Pheak for candidates who have the specific skills that they need.
  • Allows them to process application at their own speed and time, not forced by the time at which candidates show up.

What makes Bong Pheak special?

Bong Pheak does not try to change the way potential workers find employment.
  • Often those who seek their first unskilled employment ask their friends and family who are working about available jobs that they know of. These friends and family are usually only able to provide information about available work in the place where they work.
  • Employers often only announce available positions to their current workers, asking them to inform their friends and family about these opportunities.
  • Bong Pheak supports this channel of communication by providing information to current employees about jobs in their sector, and helps them send this information to potential workers back at home through automatic phone calls.
Bong Pheak uses technology that is adequate for each person
  • At Bong Pheak we know that almost half of those who are presently employed will have smartphones by the end of 2016, but very few of those looking for their first job will have such devices and access to Internet. This is why it only aims to communicate with present workers through Facebook.
  • For those who do not have access to Internet, Bong Pheak is able to communicate the employment offers to them through automatic phone calls, after their friends who use Facebook to refer the employment offers to their phone number. They will receive a phone call that will sound more or less like this:
    • Hi, we are calling you from the Bong Pheak employment service. Your older sister has requested that we communicate the following employment offer to you: The company XXX, which manufactures garments, is located in the Mencheay district of Phnom Penh. They are looking for three candidates for the position of “linker”, and they offer the following conditions. Monthly salary of 160 to 210 depending on the ability of the worker, adding also the following benefits: transportation allowance, food allowance, punctuality bonus, and holiday bonus. The offer is open until 30 / 6 / 2017. If you would like to hear this announcement again now, please press 0. If you are interested in this opportunity and you would like the employer to call you, please press 1. If you are interested in listening to other offers in nearby work places, please press 2. If you want us to repeat this automatic call to you in one hour, please press 3. If you want as to repeat the call tomorrow, please press 4.
    If the person receiving the call hangs up and calls the Bong Pheak number back, Bong Pheak will remember the phone number, and play the same announcement again, or present other jobs near the same location (Bong Pheak assumes that the person wishes to work near their friends and family).
  • Those who have access to Facebook can use Bong Pheak to search for employment anywhere in the country and in any of the available sectors that they work in. They can also register on Bong Pheak, allowing employers to find them if they have the right expertise.

How can Bong Pheak match workers and employers so well?

Bong Pheak has a deep knowledge of the sectors it works with, knowing all the most common positions available in these sectors, constantly increasing its knowledge. This know-how allows it to help companies prepare announcements that are highly structured, using only pull-down menus. With this information it is able to automatically prepare text or voice-based announcements. As the information about location, sector, position, and requirements is well structured, it is possible to automatically match information to the experience of registered workers, or to the preferences of candidates looking for work. This structure also allows Bong Pheak to produce announcements that are in a language different from the one of the person who prepared the announcement. For example, an announcement can be prepared in English, but the worker will see it or hear it in Khmer.

What are the advantages for companies using Bong Pheak?

  • Preparing and posting job announcements in less than two minutes.
  • Receiving lists of candidates that they can manage and call whenever they want.
  • Being able to search Bong Pheak’s list of registered job-seekers looking for work in their sector, and immediately finding those that match their needs.
  • Knowing the skills of workers before they interview them.
  • No cost.
  • A professional, efficient, free, and easy-to-use computer tool that facilitates selection and hiring processes.

What are the advantages for workers of using Bong Pheak?

  • Find jobs quickly that match their expertise in the sector and the location where they want to work.
  • Post their profile and experience at Bong Pheak and allow employers to find them and offer them jobs with clear conditions.
  • Refer interesting jobs to their family and friends who are looking for work.
  • Listen to the job offers and signal if they want to be contacted by the employer.

How do I use Bong Pheak?


  • Register on Bong Pheak. It only takes two minutes.
  • Search for workers or post job announcements.
  • Call the best candidates.


  • Search Bong Pheak for the type of job that you are looking for.
  • Register in Bong Pheak and let the employers find you.
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