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អ​ អឹម អេ ខេមបូឌា

​វិស័យ​: ពាណិជ្ជកម្ម
អនុ​វិស័យ​: លក់ទំនិញ
ចំនួន​កម្មករ​: 2000
អាសយដ្ឋាន​ក្រុមហ៊ុន​: ក្រុង ភ្នំពេញ


RMA Cambodia is a diversified company offering world-renowned brands.

RMA entered the Cambodian market in 1992 as an exclusive provider of dedicated system

solutions for commercial and non-commercial enterprises in the sectors of infrastructure, energy

and logistics. Gradually, the company has been growing alongside the development of Cambodia

and expanded to automotive, agricultural and heavy equipment, warehouse solutions, financial

services, car rental and food franchise management. We have employed approximately 2,000

local and expatriates who are professional, expertise and skillful to share and grow together.

AVIS Cambodia has started our car rental service operation in 2014 operated by Asia Vehicle

Rental Co., Ltd (AVR Cambodia), a member of RMA Cambodia Group.