Success Story ​of Cheam Sothy

Cheam Sothy & Battambang Textile Association

Battambang Textile Association is a company manufactures sweaters. The production process includes knitting, linking and mending. They provide 3 months of training and free accommodation in Battambang for the first 5 months. Battambang Textile Assotiation’s main goal is to provide quality jobs to people with disabilities and people in need and benefits are dedicated to social projects, like helping people with disabilities, education and health.

Job Seeker history

Cheam Sothy was born in Phnom Penh. She has had a disability due to Polio since she was one and half years old. Her family has 10 members. Many Companies didn’t accept her applications because of her disability. She studied three years at Cambodia School Prosthetics and Orthotics Organization, and after completed a CSPO training she found a job in Prey Veng setting up artificial legs. Unfortunately, the NGPO where she was working ran out of funds and she lost her job.

The challenge to find a job

After loosing her job Sothy applied to many different positions, having only one company replying back to her applications. Sothy had searched for jobs in almost all the popular websites in Cambodia but couldn’t find any suitable job. She felt hopeless and stressed thinking that as a person who has a disability in Cambodia she would never find a job.

Bong Pheak

Fortunately, in November, 2016 Sothy started looking for jobs in Facebook. She had watched Bongpheak video and had found it very useful. When she saw a company in Bong Pheak with a wheelchair in the logo she started to feel positive again. Only two hours after submitting her application she got a phone call from the GM at Battambang Textile Association factory. She was very surprised and excited after her job interview. After being offered the job, she encouraged her sister to apply for a job at the same factory, and they both moved to Battambang together. Sothy is extremely greatful to Bong Pheak service, that allowed her to find a job when she most needed it.

After finding a Job

Now, Chean Sothy has been working in Battambang Textile Assosiation’s cutting section for over 6 months, her sister works in the sewing section. They both initially rceived a three-month paid training ($55 each) plus free accommodation (free rental room for five months), and a sack of rice monthly. Currently, they each make $100 per month and they still have free accommodation and rice support. She claimed that even if it’s a small amount, the working conditions at Battambang Textile Association factory are great for her and her sister.

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