Success Story of Naw Lihorn

Success Story of Naw Lihorn

Job seeker who found a job through Bong Pheak

Hagar Catering & Facilities Management Restaurant is located in Phnom Penh city, Doun Penh district, Wat Phnum commune. Hagar Catering & Facilities Management Restaurant was interested in using  Bongpheak Employment Service to help their company find unskilled and low-skilled workers via the hospitality sector on the website. The human resource manager was interested in Bongpheak’s Employment Service, which is the new employment service that helps companies post job announcements to recruit unskilled and low-skilled workers, for his restaurant. The Human Resource Manager said when he posted the job announcement on Bongpheak’s website he received more than 30 candidates between on November 22nd, 2016 and December 13th, 2016.  He was able to see the personal information, work experience, and contact information on Bongpheak’s website. He said that Bongpheak is one of the easiest websites to apply for  jobs on. That is why he gets many candidates applying for jobs at his restaurant. Also, he does not have to spend a lot of time selecting or scrolling through candidates.

Challenge of Job seeker for applying a job

Naw Lihorn is working as a seller and cashier at Hagar Catering & Facilities Management. She found the job through Bongpheak. She is from Chormkar Lour District, Svay Team village, Kompong Cham province. She is 24 years old. She graduated in Accounting, and had 6 months of accounting experience with several companies in Cambodia. She has never moved. She told Bongpheak she tried to apply around 40 or 50 times for jobs on many popular job websites in Cambodia. But she did not receive a response from those companies. Even though she is an accountant, she applied for positions as a seller, teller, accountant, costumer service representative, and others. Finding a good job that has acceptable benefits and working conditions has been really hard for her since she graduated. She became stressed after many companies failed to contact her. She said the process of applying for a job with many of the other websites was really complicated and took a lot of time to complete. 

Job Seeker gets a job by Bong Pheak website 

Luckily, on November 01, 2016, she found Bong Pheak’s Facebook page. She quickly LIKED the page, then she went to to see all job availabilities. Then, she saw Hagar Catering & Facilities Management had an order/seller position available. She gave her personal information and job experience on Bongpheak’s website. It only took two minutes. She said Bongpheak is really simple to access and applying to jobs is easy. Two weeks later she received a phone call from a human resources manager asking for an interview. She added, she applied for a job on November 01, 2016, she was interviewed on November 04, 2016, and she began working on December 13, 2016.  Nowadays, she is working ordering and selling soft drinks at Hagar Catering & Facilities Management Company. She said it is a good environment, she has excleent benefits, and that she is thankful for her job experience at previous companies because it helped her get her new job. Additionally, Naw Lihorn has shared Bongpheak’s website and Facebook page to help her friend find a job. Bongpheak was able to give sound advice and take care of her by calling and answering all of her questions. Naw Lihorn introduced her friend to Bongpheak and helped her apply for a job through their website. She said she will use Bongpheak again in the future if she ever needs to find a job again.    
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