Success Story of Sao Thida & Cold Stone Creamery

US-based Cold Stone Creamery is a premium ice cream restaurant. The ice cream is created with ingredients imported from the US and is free of food coloring and chemicals. The first Cold Stone Creamery in Cambodia opened in 2016, and now there are three shops in Phnom Penh, one in Tuol Kork district, another in Boeng Keng Kang I district, and the third in Cham Kar Morn district at Aeon Mall. The company plans to expand to 15 outlets in the Phnom Penh area within five years and may also open shops in Siem Reap.

Job Seeker Challenges

Sao Thida is a first-year student at Royal University of Fine Arts. She was born in Mukampol District, Spean Thmey Commune, Rokakorng II Village, Kandal Province. There are five members in her family and she is the eldest sister. When she was 10 years old, she helped her single mother sell cakes in order to support her other  brother and two sisters. Thida said that she had moved to Phnom Penh a year ago to study. Life in Phnom Penh  requires a higher income than her village in order to support daily basic needs, school materials, and school fees, which meant that she needed to find a full-time job. It was difficult to find a work schedule that allowed her to attend university. After she finished high school and moved to Phnom Penh, Thida looked for  available jobs with fair salaries and where she could practice English every day. She asked her friends and teachers for information about searching employment websites. One day she found  the employment website through her friend Chanda who has a smartphone. Then she called Bong Pheak staff to ask about detailed information of jobs and how to apply  for a job through the website. “I saw a lot of job announcements on Bong Pheak’s website, and I was especially interested in applying for the job of Service and Cashier at Cold Stone Creamery,” she said. She did not know how to write email messages or make a CV, and she was happy when Bong Pheak’s staff guided her on how to write email and make a quality CV  on Chanda’s smartphone. Thida was worried about her application, as she really had no work experience and no smartphone to reach online job announcements. She said that it was not easy for her to get a  job with work hours that she needed.. However, Bong Pheak has automatic dialing, and  she could get job information through automatic calling, and she  could apply directly through the Bong Pheak website. While waiting to hear from Cold Stone Creamery, she applied for three other jobs but really wanted to work at Cold Stone Creamery. She  always kept her cell phone close to her, hoping and waiting for a call from human resources.

How Bong Pheak Helped

Four days after completing her first application, Thida received some surprising and happy news. She got a phone call from the human resources department of Cold Stone Creamery asking her to interview face-to-face the next day. Three days later, she began work at Cold Stone Creamery in Aeon Mall with a big smile on her face. Thida said this is a  job that she loves, and the salary is acceptable with good benefits. She also said she enjoys working there because her colleagues are very friendly’ and the atmosphere is happy; sometimes they sing and dance for the customers. . Because she is studying Graphic Design, the store manager has encouraged Thida to use her skills by designing some promotional material for Cold Stone Creamery. Thida introduced her friend Dara to and now he works at Cold Stone Creamery’s BKK I location. Thida said that Bong Pheak has made her dreams come true. Both Thida and Dara now recommend the Bong Pheak Facebook page and website to their friends and relatives when they are looking for a job.*Names have been changed to protect privacy.
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