Success Story of Seom Ping

S.M.S.K Security Company

S.M.S.K Security Cooperation Co., Ltd is a General Security company located in Phnom Penh province, Pur SenChey district, Kakab commune. Uk Socheat is a human resources manager that has been using Bongpheak since November 2016 to post job announcements and he has received many applications. When logging into his Bongpheak account, he gets a clean overview of the job applicants with their phone number, name, and their experience. He said that Bongpheak is one of the websites that makes it easy to post a job announcement and that is why he gets many candidates applying to his company. Also, it doesn’t take much time for him to scroll through candidates and select the most suitable ones.

Job Seeker history  

Seom Ping, male, 31 years old. He comes from Ba Phnom district, Prey Veng Province. While he was staying at his home town, he was a vegetable seller, which only made a small income that could not support his family to buy enough food and rice. His family has seven members; he is the third child in the family. Because of poverty and the age of his parents, he considered migrating to Phnom Penh to find a better job. His mother is 65 years old, his father is 50 years old, and his three siblings were already married. He is the only one who is able to take on the responsiblity to earn money to take care of his parents. Thus, he left his hometown in 2007 to go to Phnom Penh. After arriving in the capital city, he spent 7 months trying to find a job by himself. He said that it was difficult to find a job because he hadn’t had an education or vocational skills even though he can read and write. In 2008 he found a job as a security guard, however his salary was only $60 per month. This amount was not enough to support his family, so after a year he decided to change his job to become a construction worker. As a construction worker he was paid better; he got paid 25,000 riels per day because he was strong enough to carry heavy things. He was able to save 500,000 riels per month to send to his parents in his hometown. The construction work was very hard and, after 5 years, Seom Ping did not have enough strength and energy anymore. He decided to stop working as a construction worker at the end of 2016.

The challenge for seeking the job         

Seom Ping said that it was really hard to find another job with a fair salary and conditions because he did not have any education or skills. He applied to many companies but did not pass and did not get any interviews at all. He started to become hopeless and worried because he had no income to support the basic needs for himself and his parents. Without an income, his parents could have many problems fulfilling their basic needs and taking care of their physical health. At that time, he started to feel weak and sad.

Job Seeker received a job from BP website.

Fortunately, in February 6th, 2017, he met his friend who has laptop and he was scrolling through Facebook as usual.  Then he saw Bong Pheak’s Facebook post regarding a job announcement as a security guard that has acceptable conditions and salary.  He quickly asked his friend to help him to apply to S.M.S.K Security Company. He said that he was thrilled to see the job announcement on Facebook. He said that applying to this job at S.M.S.K Security Company was his last hope. And just one day later he got a phone call from human resources. He was so glad that he got an interview. After one day, he received a job from Bongpheak on February 8th, 2017.

After he received a job from BP   

Right now, Seom Ping is able to save $50 every month to send to his parents. He works in a good environment and is not required to use as much energy as in his previous jobs. He has one day off of work every week because his work place is not open on Sundays. He said that all of the companies that posted job announcements on Bongpheak have fair salaries and good job conditions to help all Cambodians to have a good, local job. He loves his new job. S.M.S.K Security takes care of him and the other employees with a fair salary and some benefits.  And he will share the Bongpheak website with his friends, relatives, and neighbors.      
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